Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ontario Mid Season Criterium - May 16, 2010 - Report by PC Calderon

Racers: Katie Donovan, PC Calderon, Pam Schuster and Bea Rodriguez

After our long ride home, and getting only a few hours of sleep, 8 o'clock in the morning came entirely tooo early. With our race at 10 o'clock Katie seemed to be the only one that was bright eyed and bushy tailed. Pam gave us a much needed pep talk before the race and told us how the race should go down, and if it came to a field sprint Katie would start , Pam would take us to the last turn with Bea following her wheel, and me sweeping.

At the line, Helen's came with their full squad, La Grange rider Morgan, Jen from B&L, Squad of possibilities riders, SDBC, Colivita and a few lone rangers .... We had a field of about 35 girls, and this time our race was only 50Min's. With a couple of good attacks made by Helen's, nothing was sticking, Katie did an awesome job with keeping the pace up, and having a few solid attacks herself. Every attempt for a break was unsuccessful, with 3 laps to go, SC Velo/Incycle/TTT girls meet at the front to start our lead out. I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty physically tuckered out from the race and drive from the day before and Maria from Helens was definitely testing my mental game, I was battling behind Bea, fighting for her wheel, Maria is very savvy when it goes to steelin wheels. Katie started the lead out and Pam took us to the final corner. Bea came around Pam and started her sprint with me on her wheel sweeping and Maria puttin the pressure on. I could feel her coming up hard on my left, so I had to sprint and secured the spot for second place and Pam (who lead us out) finishing strong for 3rd, and none other then BEEEEEEEATRIZ ROOOOODRIGUEZ winning the field sprint. WOOT WOOT! 1, 2, 3! awesome racing, awesome team, awesome job.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Scotts Valley Grand Prix - 5/15/2010 - Report by PC Calderon

Racers: Bea Rodriguez, PC Calderon and Pam Schuster

Lining up at the line, with a full squad of Tibco, Peanut Butter, Third Pillar and Colivita was an eye opener. Every team was well represented. The whistle blew and off we went for an hour of fun! The field was very agressive. With tibco and pb launching attacks and counter attacks, with scvelo/incyle/time to track representing (woot woot). Just as it seems like NOTHING was going up the road, a strong attack was made by vanderekitten rider jen x, riding solo for a lap or so. She was quickly countered by a tibco, pb, rooster and a third pillar rider, which made a break of six up the road with seven laps to go. As it turns out the break up the road was committed and that break stuck, but not without a fight from the field. Bridges were attempted by those who were not represented in the break, including us. With one lap to go the break had a mere ten seconds on the field. Coming out of the last turn (which btw was super sketchy) we brought the ten seconds down to five. Pam sprinted for an overall finish of 11th, bea 13th and myself finishing 14th...

Fast, hard and agressive would sum up today's Scotts Valley Grand Prix, which makes for a good day of quailty racing.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Long Beach Grand Prix - Bea Rodriguez

When I grow up I wanna be like you ladies!

Saturday's race went down at the LBC. The field of about 35 had great crowds cheering all thoughout the course. The course was reversed from last year, with the final stretch going into the wind on a quick, technical 7 corner course. At the line we noticed Heather Jackson (i think that's k-swiss-won-roger-millikan-triathele girl's name?). We pointed her out to eachother and she did not disapoint. She was on the run, attacking early in the race and helping the LaGrange, Helen's and Paramount girls stay in the game. Nothing was going up the road for very long. Everyone was there with a mission. Pam, Bonnie, PC and Katie all had strong performances, keeping the field on their toes, reminding them any one of us could be the winning move. We got all the good premes (Pam and Bonnie) including LADY GAGA TICKETS!!!fifth place (PC) and the "W."

.... And bonnie killed it in the popo race, woot-woot!

P.S. And Special shout out to Coach D ;) for her kick ass coaching

Finishing up the podium was Jennifer Weinbrecht from Herbalife LaGrange and Cara Gillis from Specialized Designs for Women/Bicycle Haus.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Paramount Criterium - Carson, CA - Report by Pam Schuster

Masters Southern California State Criterium Championships - Bonnie Breeze racing 35+ and Pam Schuster racing 45+ (fields racing together).

A fairly good showing for the 35+/45+ early morning race...30 ish riders. The pace was moderate with nothing getting away. For the Incycle/TTT gals it was just me and Bonnie. Our plan was for me to take Bonnie to the line if it came down to a field sprint. However I got a little boxed in with 400 meters to go so Bonnie got out and by time I got up to her Suzanne Sonye was aready heading fast towards the line. I still tried to get to Bonnie and head for the line but Suzanne had clearly earned her medal with a very long haul. Bonnie still won for the 35+ because as she said...I only saw 5's ahead...(that was the numbers on the 45+). Great job Bonnie! Finishing off the podium for the 35+ was Suzan Given from Paramount Racing and Gwen Inglis from Treds.Com/DFT for third. In the 45+ Suzanne Sonye not only won the race overall but gets the bear for the 45+ championship, Pam finished 2nd and Louise Keoghan from NOW-MS Society finished 3rd.

Racing the Elite women's race: PC Calderon, Bea Rodriquez, Pam Schuster and Katie Donovan

The Elite race 1 hourish later was mostly the same group with a few added youngins with fresher leggs. Our team was blessed with the added addition of Katie, Bea and PC. Much more agressive race with one break gaining about 15 secounds. It was a big break with 7-8 riders, me being the only Incycle rider however it was created by teammate Bea. With 3 laps to go this break dissolved and once again it came down to a field sprint. As planned Katie got to the front for our lead out on the final lap. Helen's girls jumped past with 2 corners to go and I jumped on them. Knowing I hopefully had PC or Bea on my wheel I took over with about 300 meter and was sooooooo pleased when lightning fast PC came by in the final 50 meters clearly winning another race for the team!!!! As I know she would say...woot! woot! Sorry don't know exact placings after that because I had to bolt home for a Mother's days celebration!

Monday, May 3, 2010

SC Velo Sweeps the Podium and Snatches up Fifth Place at the 2010 Barrio Logan Grand Prix! - By Bonnie Breeze

SC Velo Participants
Dotsie Bausch
Bonnie Breeze
Not So PC-Pricilla Calderon
Beatrice Rodriguez
Steph Roorda
Pamela Schuster

Uno, dos, tres, cinco! ¡SC Velo lo hace otra vez!

The .8, mostly flat, but screaming fast course consisted of a figure eight and was set in the Historic Barrio Logan area of San Diego. The field was approximately 35 deep with all of the local favorites present.

The race start was delayed for a short period, while the carnage from the previous race was scraped off the street. Nerves were high as Ralph continued to announce how fortunate we were to have ambulatory services located on the course…..none the less, when the whistle blew to indicate the start of the race, the SC Velo girls were ready, and blasted into the first turn with no fears. Immediately the prime bell started ringing, lap after lap after lap. SC Velo was attentive and responded by collecting the majority of the prizes.

Numerous attacks and breakaway attempts were made by the SC Velo and Helen’s teams, however none were successful, until SC Velo’s Steph Roorda launched off the front with Kelli Jones from SDBC with approximately 7 laps to go. The field, anxious for the “5 to go” announcement, chased Roorda down, and SC Velo’s Dotsie Bausch skyrocketed off the front to join Roorda. Kelli had come off the break and moved back into the field. Team Helen’s Suzanne Sonye attached herself to the back of Bausch's wheel, and it looked as though the top three places were riding up the road. But the sheer power of the two team pursuit specialists proved too much for Sonye and she came unglued from the two powerhouses and rejoined the field. Roorda and Bausch continued to drive forward and crossed the finish line for first and second, respectively. The field finished close behind with SC Velo’s Pam Schuster crushing the field in the sprint and Beatrice Rodriguez grabbing the fifth spot. Simone Morsette from SDBC grabbed fourth.

Vive SC Velo!

San Luis Rey Race Report - Pam Schuster

Racing is never easy. And as much as it would appear with our Team sweeping the podium both days made it look… was anything but easy. SLR course is challenging and has components for all to enjoy. Cross winds, climbs, sprint at the end. The field was small….15ish riders. We had 70 plus miles and 5 laps to get to know each other. The first lap was very slow with all chatting the way I know the typical men’s pelotons frequently appear….OK maybe on the last day of the Tour with 150 miles to go…Well at that pace we were going to be out there until sundown. Dotsie decided the 2nd time up the climb to get to know the other rider’s legs, lungs and desire. Well that was a little too early for one ol lady and about half of the group. So at the top of the climb there was 3 Lagrange riders and only 2 SC Velo gals(Dotsie and Steph). My group’s motivation was dependent on when the front group was in site. My motivation was the opposite. I wanted to bridge when the time was right. When they were all working it made no sense for me to do anything and when they weren’t working I had to check my inventory levels of energy to see if a bridge was now or I needed the groups help to get a little closer. Anyway…I am sure I confused them. The cycling powers decided that my group would catch the front group and so my desire to bridge was left unsatisfied. I decided I needed to attack but with over half the race left I didn’t want to be out there alone. I tapped Helen’s rider Karen Menske(she was in the back and I figured strong enough to help) on the hip to get on my wheel. As soon as the groups came together I attacked and with my teammates up front was instantly given a gap. Karen and I worked together with me doing the lion’s share because I was the freshest but soon after that she was gone and decided she didn’t want ride that hard. Well the rest of the race was me all alone never letting up with memories of 1998 Elite Road Nationals when I rode all by myself for 50 miles. At least this wasn’t that far and in 100 degree humidity and heat but the pain was felt just the same. I’m not as good as I once was but I am good once as I ever was by Toby Keith was the toon I played for all those lonely painful miles. Dotsie lit up the final climb like the 4th of July on the final lap for 2nd followed by Track Star sprinting power, Steph who won the field finish. The race was anything but easy but with the great cohesiveness, positive feedback, sacrifice and teamwork the Team really made it appear that way. Thanks goes to the Team and all the sponsors who make it possible! We really are hoping to be an inspiration to the other teams to race with their hearts, throw caution to the wind, learn from every experience and enjoy the process. Now kiss the joy as it flies away!