Friday, July 9, 2010

July Athlete of the Month - Dominic Galenti

Empower Coaching Systems has crowned yet another California State Championship Road Race Athlete. We would like to congratulate Dominic Galenti on his epic win at the Sisquoc State Championship Road Race.
His dedication to train on his specific plan and constantly develop into a great junior racer had really paid off.
Dominic is a great example of balancing his life to get it done. He not only does a great job on the bike, but excels in school as well. The future for Dominic is extremely bright. His desire to win grows by the minute. He has big goals to enter this off season with a focused plan to develop as an all around rider and compete at the highest level in major stage races. With his talent and continued dedication to his training plan his dreams will start to become reality.

Coach Chris DeMarchi