Thursday, April 30, 2009

Athlete of the Month- May 2009 - Chris DeMarchi - Amgen Cycling Team

Super Empower Athlete, Chris DeMarchi, has been wreaking havoc on both the Pro 1-2 field and 35+ field this spring season. With a long list of wins over domestic pros, Chris earns the top honors of the Empower Coaching Systems Athlete of the Month for May. Congrats Chris!

We had a chance to ask our in-house powerhouse a couple of questions.

1. What motivates you to train so hard and stay so focused on a daily basis
when no one is watching?

[Chris DeMarchi] The objective to succeed and win is a huge driving force in
my life. If it seems impossible then I set personal goals and create this
desire within to make it possible. On the long lonely rides I do a lot of
visualization of winning the upcoming race.

2. What do you like best about your Empower Coaching Systems Coach?

[Chris DeMarchi] The knowledge Dotsie has on and off the bike. Her
understanding of what it takes to be successful runs way deeper than just
intervals on the bike. Her systems offers a 24/7 training program that
includes diet, nutrition, recovery, and positive thinking.

3. What prank would you play on your coach if you could do anything you

[Chris DeMarchi] I think I would have to let just enough air out of both of
her tires (80 PSI) so she would not notice, but just think her legs are
feeling kind of heavy, then take her on a 100 mile ride with 10,000 ft of
climbing. Then when she bonks at the 85 mile mark, I would push her home
the rest of the way just to rub it in.

4. When you get your monthly Empower Coaching Schedule, what do you look
forward to seeing on it the most and what do you look forward to the least?

[Chris DeMarchi] Every email I get from my coach is always a positive read,
I look forward to always getting information. I really look forward to the
nutrition and recovery techniques. I have to say that there is nothing I do
not look forward to. All the information I get is always positive and
progresses me forward in my training.

5. Any advice for a new rider beginning with Empower Coaching Systems?

[Chris DeMarchi] Listen, be patient, do not overdue it, pay close attention
to what your body is saying back to you. Truly believe in the system and in
everything your coach gives you. This is the real deal and when the rider
puts in as much effort as the coach does only positive things can come out
of the program.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Empower Coaching's Chris Demarchi lookin' lean and mean on the upcoming Ventura Stage Race poster!

Come join us for a spectacular stage race event in Southern California the weekend of May 15-17. SIX Empower athletes will be competing for the top spots in 4 different categories!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hard Day In the Saddle!

Kristina Seley of Touchstone Climbing got 4th place in the Women's Pro 1,2 race at Copperopolis Road Race in Northern California this past weekend. She has her suffer face on, as you can see. Her team mate was up in the break-away and got 2nd. Next up for Kristina, who has been with Empower Coaching for 4 years, is Sea Otter Circuit race this coming weekend. Best of luck, Kristina!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Scott Stern WINS Fiesta Island Time Trial!

Empower Coaching's Scott Stern WINS the Fiesta Island Time Trial in San Diego in the Junior Men 15/16 Category! This is Scott's first TT win of his career. He is known for his quick and snappy kick at the end of a race, but now he is turning the TT gears over with the same speed. Scott has also been invited to attend USA Cycling's talent ID camp coming up this June. The future looks very bright for this young and dedicated star!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Altamont Team Time Trial Victory

Empower Coaching's Sonia Ross, the current Masters National Road Champion, and her Kalyra teammates, smoked the 15.7 mile northern California Altamont Team Time Trail yesterday winning by a large margin over second place. Congrats Sonia and the gang!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Jimmy Watkins Strikes Gold in Southern Games

Empower Athlete, Jimmy Watkins, won the Southern Games International Sprint Tournament last weekend. This is Jimmy's first big win of the year and sets him on target for a stellar 2009 season. Great job Jimmy!